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With POLARY your neighborhood becomes a library

Polary is an app to easily lend and sell books, movies and games among nearby friends and neighbors. Install the app now and start sharing cool books nearby.

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Find nearby books, videos, games

Looking for a specific book, movie or series? We are sure you can find it in your neighborhood with Polary - you don't always have to buy stuff new.

Create your own collection

Use the camera of your smartphone to scan the barcode of your books, videos and games for adding them to your collection. Easy as pie!

Lend safely

We count on the fairness of borrowing users and that they treat borrowed items carefully. If in doubt, you can exchange an item or money as a deposit - it's up to you.

Borrow easily

You don't need to buy a new book, movie or game if you can find it in your neighbourhood. Just ask if you can borrow or buy it and meet to exchange.

Meet interesting people

Find and meet people with similar interests. They could be living just around the corner in your neighborhood.

For free

Polary is free to use for borrowing and lending. We provide the service through advertisements and in-app purchases of our users.

Job listings

Zur Zeit gibt es leider keine freien Stellen.

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